C-Force Series 6 HP to 10 HP Chiller Barrels

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C-Force Series range in size from 1-1/2 to 5 HP


Product Description:

C-Force series chiller barrels are for medium to large range applications such as large seafood systems, fish processing systems, and fish hatcheries. The chiller barrel is corrosion resistant and is compatible with a large range of fluid types such as fresh and salt water. The double barrel chiller barrel configuration can be plumbed in series for medium flow rate applications, and in parallel for high flow rate applications. 


  • Cooling capacity range between 72,000-120,000 BTU/H
  • Non-corrosive and non-contaminating dual high efficiency titanium coil heat exchangers
  • 2" to 4" union or flange water connections
  • 1/2" OD titanium dry-well for temperature sensor 
  • The chiller barrel shell is CSA & NSF rated
  • Salt and freshwater compatible
  • Made in Canada

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     Capacity Specification 
    Model HP
    Min/Max Flow Rate   Nominal  BTU/H Refrigeration Inlet/Outlet Process Water In/Out
    CF-DX-0800-2U 6-8 50/80 GPM 72,000 ⅞" / 1 ⅛" 2" Union
    CF-DX-1000-2U 10
    60/120 GPM
    ⅞" / ⅛" 2" Union



    Model A B C D


    31 ½"
    CF-DX-1000-2U 65"
    45 ½"


    •  Dimensions may vary, if size is critical, please contact Marine Build to discuss options


    Option: Available in a pre-assembled package

    Pre-assembled package Includes:

    • Electronic controller
    • All required refirgeration components
    • Marine-grade aluminum mounting frame
    • Single point electrical connection
    • Saftey flow switch (Optional)

    Review C-Force Package Specification PDF for further details or go to Chiller Barrel Package page.

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