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Specially engineered low-pressure, mercury-arc germicidal UV-C lamps at 254 nm are expertly crafted to deliver the utmost UV radiation, with a remarkable 90% of energy generated precisely at this wavelength. Operating at 254 nm, this UV-C light resides in close proximity to the peak of the germicidal effectiveness curve at 265 nm, known as the most lethal wavelength for microorganisms. UV-C light at 254 nm has a well-established track record of effectively treating water and fostering aquaculture by reshaping the DNA of harmful contaminants, including microorganisms invisible to the naked eye.

Aquaculture and aquariums drive germicidal UVC market growth. Our lamps safely disinfect water with 254nm UVC, eliminating pathogens, protecting marine life, and controlling algae while removing chlorine and ozone.


  • Aquaculture
  • Aquarium
  • Fresh & Salt Water compatiable 
  • Pools, Spas and Water features
  • Water Treatment
  • Marine and more...


CAUTION: Do not look at or handle UV Lamps when lit outside of the housing. Considerable Ultraviolet energy is emitted which may produce severe sunburn and/or conjunctivitis. As long as the UV light is in its housing it is 100% safe for humans and fish.

Caution: Before performing a replacement, it is essential to deactivate the power supply to the UV unit.


 Item No.






UV output¹@ 254nm


GPH436T5L 21 T5 425 72 8
GPH843T5L 41 T5
425 150 14



Item No. Maximum Pond Size  Maximum Aquarium Size 

Water Flow Rate     Algae & Bacteria  30,000 pWs/cm Suggested/ Maximum



GPH436T5L 1,600 Gal,
90 Gal.

322 GPH/554 GHP

10-12 Months


GPH843T5L 2,900 Gal. 160 Gal.

589 GPH/983 GPH

10-12 Months


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