Cabinet Style Fish Tank Single Level

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SeaHorse Series Double Level range in size from 120 gallons to 300 gallons

Product Description:

The SeaHorse Series is a complete package which includes all the required equipment to operate self-sufficiently. This system includes a commercial level chiller unit, insulated top tank, fully insulated reservoir tank, water pump, and a control box which offers complete control of the system. The SeaHorse Series is built for longevity, ease of use and most importantly with the fish tank system operator in mind. 


  • Complete package and self-sufficient
  • Incorporates a triple level, mechanical, biological and chemical filtration located in the built-in reservoir tank
  • Includes a full compact chiller utilizing our non-corrosive and non-contaminating drop-in titanium coil heat exchanger
  • Electronic controller with LCD readout for Fahrenheit/Celsius, featuring programmable time delay
  • Includes illuminated switches for complete control of components
  • UL and/or CSA-approved condensing unit and components
  • Salt or freshwater compatible
  • Optional UV sterilizer
  • Optional titanium heater for dual temperature control
  • Made in Canada

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